Over the years, The Faculty has examined many of the world's most successful Internet businesses. What do they have in common? Timely, compelling content. Personalized customer experiences. Seamless, transactional capabilities coupled with an intuitive self-service model. And best practices in place that empower employees to use the web as a productive tool in their everyday work.
Our vision? To create a solution that delivers these technological capabilities and best practices to organizations in a powerful, unified system. Our discoveries served as the foundation for a system whose architecture supports from the ground up, content management, e-commerce, and personalization. Not in three disparate systems, but in a single solution that unites these capabilities under a common model for enterprise-wide Web systems.

web design | e-commerce | content management | workflow and process automation | roles-based security | personalization | business intelligence | syndication | hosting | server colocation | database design | media streaming

email: peter@the-faculty.com