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Best Buy UK Grand Opening at Thurrock

Tyrell Genetic Replicants - More Human Than Human

After discovering Best Buy were selling Logitech Harmony 1100 remote controls at 70% off (£99 down from £380) I decided to get up early and battle the horde of fellow bargain hunters. Peter and I arrived about 6:45 AM, 15 minutes before opening, and the queue wasn’t too bad, lots of people, but I expected worse. What many didn’t realise was that in order to secure some of the ‘Grand Opening Deals’, you had to be given a flyer for that product. It was no good going in, looking for the deal, and then buying it, that would be too easy. Instead you had to be lucky enough to find a blue and yellow clad Best Buy employee with the flyer you needed. This was not explained while queuing before opening. They had less than 100 of the Logitech remotes, so they went instantly – by 7:01 AM they were gone, with many of the very first to enter the store picking up several, no doubt for a quick profit via Ebay. They had a few other good deals, but these will be gone this morning, which kind of makes a mockery of the whole ‘Grand Opening Deals 30th April – 3rd May’ – what the hell is going to be so grand about it come tomorrow when all the deals are gone? Perhaps they will be offering face painting and balloons. Continue reading »

New Stewart Firehawk G3 screen

Stewart Firehawk screen material

Stewart make the best projector screens, but come with a hefty price-tag, especially in the UK, where exchange rates and sanity are ignored and the dollar is switched with the pound, and $2000 becomes £2000.

So when one came up for sale at £300, I had to have it. Continue reading »

HeadSpace2 ~ a quick guide for the WordPress beginner


There’s plenty of good information on using the HeadSpace2 plugin with WordPress, but not so much for the beginner – those who are starting a new blog, unfamiliar with WordPress. This quick guide will share some tips and links to help get you get started with HeadSpace2. Continue reading »

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