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New Stewart Firehawk G3 screen

Stewart Firehawk screen material

Stewart make the best projector screens, but come with a hefty price-tag, especially in the UK, where exchange rates and sanity are ignored and the dollar is switched with the pound, and $2000 becomes £2000.

So when one came up for sale at £300, I had to have it. Not sure how I’m going to change the living room to fit this in, but it looks great – much like a giant plasma – the velvet screen border makes all the difference.

The Firehawk screen material is far more grey in colour than my current Da-lite High Contrast Cinema Vision (HCCV) screen so it should further help to combat light reflecting back from the living rooms light coloured walls, ceiling and carpet.

A proper review and comparison with my current Da-lite HCCV when I figure out the new living room layout – for now, here’s a few pictures.

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