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Taco Bell returns to the UK

Taco Bell

Few will remember Taco Bells first stab at European domination, opening their Coventry Street store way back in 1986. Several more were opened nearby, but the British public weren’t too keen, and all were closed in the mid 90′s. Mexican food can be a hard sell for us Brits, and it’s not hard to understand why – most of it looks suspiciously similar to left overs from an episode of Fear Factor.  Also, many feel uncomfortable shoving an 8inch phallic monster in their gaping cake hole. But parent company Yum! Brands is looking to take advantage of a greater awareness of Mexican food in the UK and the recent recession (Laxatives are becoming more expensive, in hard times we’ll eat anything etc.) and has announced that the first new store will open at the Lakeside Shopping Centre at the end of June.

My first order will have to be the ‘Volcano Burrito’:

“A warm, soft flour tortilla that’s packed with a double portion of seasoned ground beef, seasoned rice, crunchy red tortilla strips, real cheddar cheese, cool reduced fat sour cream and cheesy molten hot lava sauce”.

Volcano Burrito - what volcanologist have been demanding for years

Who doesn’t want cheesy molten hot lava burning it’s way through their intestinal tract? The best thing about the ‘Volcano Burrito’? Only a measly 800 calories. Not that you’ll be digesting any of it. It’s not called the Volcano for nothing.

At least we’ll finally know what all the fuss was about in Demolition Man.

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