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Railo, Tomcat, IIS and default index page giving a 404.

With Railo, Tomcat and IIS working in harmony, there was one thing I just coudln’t get to work – the default index page would give a 404 error. Using '/example/index.cfm' worked, but '/example' or '/example/' would not.

A quick Google search presented several possible solutions:

Making sure 'index.cfm' is in the list of default content pages within the IIS website document properties.

Making sure '/*.cfm=ajp13' was listed within the '' file in the Tomcat conf folder.

Both these were already done, and still nothing. Another solution was outlined at several sites, including, which looked at Handler Mapping within IIS. This did work fine, except Railo Session and Client data was being lost everytime it would redirect to the default index.cfm. So, when a logged in user went to Continue reading »

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